Bob Gallagher is a director, writer and cinematographer based in Dublin. He has been declared a ‘Good Soldier of Cinema’ by Werner Herzog and has described by Rough Trade’s Geoff Travis as a filmmaker who ‘can be lyrical, as well as forensically evil’. 

Bounding through styles and subjects, often in enthusiastic collaboration, his work traverses personal boundaries and teases out emotional soft spots. His visual stories are marked by a polished absurdity and usually an element of the fantastic. With a passion for exploration, Bob’s music video work has found him partaking in shamanic rituals, recreating Caravaggio’s studio, walking 200km across Ireland, consulting a dominatrix, and cutting up a corpse.

Amongst a prolific output of music videos, and commercial work, Bob has directed three short films to date, marrying striking visuals with deftly observed, character driven narratives. Early in 2017 Bob was invited to Cuba to participate in a 10 day practical workshop with Werner Herzog, resulting in two short documentary films ‘The Impossible Flight of the Stone’ and ‘Salon’. 

Bob is also a photographer, specialising in 3D images shot on 35mm film . He has exhibited as an artist-in-residence at the Darkroom, and as part of Photo Ireland Festival. He recently completed an artist residency in D-Light Studios Dublin.